Via: RAPUP 50 Cent had his share of highs and lows in 2015. In between beefing with Rick Ross and declaring bankruptcy, the rap titan rings in the new year with a cinematic video for the Sonny Digital-produced “I’m the Man” off his most recent mixtape, The Kanan Tape.

50 Cent took to his instagram to joke about his recent Bank Bankruptcy.  50 Cent told E News “I got a decent legal team. You don’t have to worry,”  He cited other business tycoons who have declared bankruptcy as a business strategy. “Walt Disney has filed bankruptcy before, Donald Trump has filed bankruptcy,” he said. “It […]


Game recently talked about 50 Cent’s new “Before I Self Destruct” album and it’s first-week sales. Referencing his recent freestyle diss of Suge Knight, Game talked about not name-dropping the G-Unit general. “I don’t apologize for sh*t, all I did was a freestyle,” he explained in an interview. “If anybody takes it to the heart […]