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Struggle rapper 40 Glocc and Game have been tangled in a very irrelevant rap beef for years that boiled over with their infamous street fight…

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(WARNING Adult Language! Violence) This ain’t no rumor! [protected-iframe id=”9259efc4c9b2505960a2e354fd3691ea-32288278-33395367″ info=”– $500,000 in pain and suffering —$500,000 in emotional distress — $750,000 in lost earnings — $2 million for punitive damages — $25,000 in medical expenses — Various other stuff


The Game’s bank account could be coming up short. Remember when the former G-Unit rapper posted a video of the fight between he and 40Glocc on youtube.com? According to 40Glocc the incident caused major pain, suffering, and emotional distress including lost wages. Glocc is currently suing The Game in the amount of 4.5million dollars.   […]