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2024 TikTok Visionary Voices Black Hollywood Brunch

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TikTok hosted its Visionary Voices Black Hollywood Brunch with industry-defining Black creatives and change-makers in entertainment. The social media platform honored creators, industry disruptors like Victoria Monét and Coco Jones, and small Black-owned businesses like Topicals and Pochi Goods. Check out a gallery from the brunch inside.

TikTok’s Visionary Voices Black Hollywood Brunch was hosted by Shavone Charles, TikTok’s Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion Communications and Alexzi Girma, #BlackTikTok Community Manager. They honored their 2024 Visionary Voices honorees Jordan Howlett (@jordan_the_stallion8), LU KALA (@igobylu), Daven Gates (@onestopchop) and others.

From making waves across industries, to advocating for Black voices, the visionary #BlackTikTok community continues to elevate Black creativity and drive industry-shifting influence on and off the platform. This Black History Month and year-round, TikTok aims to celebrate the brilliance of #BlackTikTok and amplify the culture-defining impact of the Black creator community.

TikTok has kickstarted a number of programs from the debut of its #BlackTikTok Visionary Voices list, a host of in-person events, and in-app initiatives including their first-time #ShopBlack program, in-app livestream events, #BlackMusic playlists, and the announcement of their #BlackTikTok creator grant program in partnership with Black Girl Ventures.

Check out a list of the creators, industry disruptors and small Black-owned businesses spotlighted at the brunch:


  1. @aliyahsinterlude (New York, NY) – Aliyah’s Interlude is an artist based in New York who combines her love for music and fashion to make content that has garnered her love from all parts of the world. Her eclectic style, which she has coined “Aliyahcore,” has sparked trendsetting fashion influence on TikTok and beyond. Her hit single “IT GIRL” was released last year, and she plans to release even more music in the future.
  2. @accessbytay (Toronto, Canada) – Taylor Lindsay-Noel is an entrepreneur and creator from Toronto, Canada who uses her platform to inspire change. After a gymnastics accident left her paralyzed from the chest down, Taylor persevered, using her TikTok platform to help educate others on disability and accessibility awareness, all while breaking down stereotypes and advocating for change.
  3. @misswondroussoul (Toronto, Canada) – Ms. Hassan is a creator from Toronto, Canada who combines her passion for teaching and fashion through her authentic teacher outfit videos. With her creative flair and dedication to education, she uses her platform to inspire fellow educators and students alike, demonstrating the power of self-expression through fashion in the classroom. Through her videos, she brings a unique blend of style and pedagogy, making learning a truly engaging experience for all.
  4. @nyane (Amsterdam, Netherlands) – Nyane is a content creator and entrepreneur whose eye for fashion and beauty has built an international audience devoted to her original style and keen eye. Through TikTok video series like “Let’s Do My Makeup,” she has popularized an NPC-style beauty format that has taken the beauty community by storm. In addition to producing premium, luxe content, Nyane aims to empower all skin, hair and body types, letting her fans know that beauty and inspiration can always be found within.
  5. @onestopchop (Stafford, VA) – Daven Gates is a home cook originally from Queens, New York who expresses his love of food and entertainment through his videos on Tiktok. He is an Army Vet who uses his platform to encourage those who are dealing with mental health issues to use cooking as an outlet, utilizing soothing voiceovers to share tutorials and “Back to the Basics” recipes.

Industry Disruptors

  1. @victoriamonet (Los Angeles, CA) – Victoria Monét is a GRAMMY-nominated multi-hyphenate creator from Sacramento, CA who shares her artistry, adventures in motherhood, and creative process on TikTok. Incorporating her talents as a triple threat, Victoria uses her platform to share stories, encourage fans, and bring people into her world. Notably, her hit single On My Mama inspired the viral#onmymamachallenge, which has more than 30 million views on TikTok.
  2. @cocojones (Nashville, TN) – Coco Jones is a GRAMMY-nominated artist from Lebanon, TN, who combines her love for singing, acting, & fashion through videos on TikTok. Using her soulful voice as an R&B singer, she gives her fans a peek inside her world.
  3. @doctor.darien (New York, NY) – Dr. Darien Sutton is a board-certified emergency medicine physician born and raised in New York City. A graduate of NYU School of Medicine, he is also a dual degree graduate of NYU Stern School of Business where he simultaneously obtained his Masters of Business Administration. Aside from his clinical practice, Dr. Darien has special interests in public health education through digital media, with vested personal interests in the intersection of racial inequities and healthcare disparities.
  4. @igobylu (Los Angeles, CA) – LU KALA is an artist who is destined to break the mold. With a gift for writing striking pop tracks, the fiery voiced songstress — with signature vibrant orange hair to match — is redefining what a pop star sounds and looks like. LU KALA has amassed over 95 million streams, and her recent single “Hotter Now” charted in the top 10 for Top 40 airplay in Canada its first week out.
  5. @jordan_the_stallion8 (San Diego, CA) – Jordan Howlett, widely known as ‘Jordan The Stallion,’ is a celebrated content creator with a global fan base exceeding 23 million. His dynamic presence on TikTok has earned him over 12 million followers and over 2.6 billion views, thanks to his innovative content and signature single-zoom-in technique. Founder of The Fast Food Secrets Club ®, Jordan combines candid storytelling with insider industry insights, resonating deeply with his audience.

Small Black-owned Businesses

  1. @lorvaeeyewear (Atlanta, GA) – In 2022, business partners De’arra Taylor and Tara Jones co-foundedLorvae Eyewear, an idealization of De’arra’s passion for sunglasses. De’arra, with a distinctive personality, style, and love for fashion, is the epitome of a young, ambitious, and inspirational leader. Tara is distinguished by her passion for business, her commitment, and her clarity of vision to carry brands through rapid and continuous growth. Together, they are determined to make Lorvae a household luxury brand for all.
  2. @pochigoods (Los Angeles, CA) – Trenton Williams is an Industrial Designer from Los Angeles, CA who has spent over a decade working for some of the top footwear brands in the industry. While in college, Trent had an idea to create what he coined, “a modern-day fanny pack,” and founded Pochi Goods. He now uses his TikTok platform to show his process — from concept, to creation, to launch.
  3. (Toronto, Ontario, CA) – Danielle Johnson discovered her passion for candle making during the pandemic and channeled that passion into founding Realm Candles, an online store selling handmade vegan candles. As creative director, she also produces relaxing ASMR TikTok videos showcasing the process of candle making and packing orders.
  4. @theskincarebakery (Harrisburg, PA) – Kymani Ashanti is a 24-year-old Black business owner of The Skincare Bakery, revolutionizing the skincare industry with mouth-watering, dessert-inspired skincare goodies. Alongside her boyfriend Logan, Kymani hand-makes and hand pipes luxurious creations, showcasing her products to an audience of over one million on TikTok.
  5. @topicals (New York, NY) – Olamide Olowe, a Forbes 30 under 30 inducted entrepreneur and investor, serves as the Founder and CEO of Topicals. Olamide got her start as an entrepreneur in 2015 when she co-founded the beauty brand SheaGIRL, in partnership with SheaMoisture and later acquired by Unilever in 2017. In 2020, Olamide combined her passion for creativity and love for business to launch Topicals, which is currently the fastest growing skincare company at Sephora and responsible for over $100k in donations to various mental health organizations.

Check out a gallery from the brunch below:

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1. Alexzi Girma Hosts TikTok’s Visionary Voices Black Hollywood Brunch

Alexzi Girma Hosts TikTok's Visionary Voices Black Hollywood Brunch Source:Getty

2. Karen Civil Stuns At The Brunch

Karen Civil Stuns At The Brunch Source:Getty

3. Creators & Industry Disruptors Gather On A Sunday

Creators & Industry Disruptors Gather On A Sunday Source:Getty

4. Creators Looked Fabulous

Creators Looked Fabulous Source:Getty

5. Jordan The Stallion Talks TikTok Blessings

Jordan The Stallion Talks TikTok Blessings Source:Getty

6. Black Folks Supporting Black Folks

Black Folks Supporting Black Folks Source:Getty

7. The Stars Were Out

The Stars Were Out Source:Getty

8. A Beautiful Conversation

A Beautiful Conversation Source:Getty

9. Black Voices

Black Voices Source:Getty

10. A Great Chat

A Great Chat Source:Getty

11. The Love Was Real

The Love Was Real Source:Getty

12. The Looks Were On Point

The Looks Were On Point Source:Getty

13. Daven Talks Importance Of Highlighting Black Fatherhood

Daven Talks Importance Of Highlighting Black Fatherhood Source:Getty

14. Stunning

Stunning Source:Getty

15. LU KALA’s TikTok Journey Helps Her Dive Into Black Pop Stardom

LU KALA's TikTok Journey Helps Her Dive Into Black Pop Stardom Source:Getty

16. Focused & Inspired

Focused & Inspired Source:Getty

17. Creators Had A Blast

Creators Had A Blast Source:Getty

18. GG Representing For Black Excellence

GG Representing For Black Excellence Source:Getty

19. The Laughs Were Abundant

The Laughs Were Abundant Source:Getty

20. Everyone Came To Slay

Everyone Came To Slay Source:Getty

21. Visionary Voices

Visionary Voices Source:Getty

22. Prim & Proper

Prim & Proper Source:Getty

23. What A Time

What A Time Source:Getty

24. To Be A Black Visionary

To Be A Black Visionary Source:Getty

25. All Smiles

All Smiles Source:Getty

26. Vibes Were Right

Vibes Were Right Source:Getty

27. DJ Kept The Vibes High

DJ Kept The Vibes High Source:Getty

28. Beautiful & Black

Beautiful & Black Source:Getty

29. TikTok’s Rooting For Everybody Black

TikTok's Rooting For Everybody Black Source:Getty

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