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Pisces season is here! There are a number of celebrities who celebrate birthdays under the sign of Pisces like Erykah Badu, Jordan Peele and Rihanna. Pisces represents the last sign of the zodiac, which makes these creative, gifted geniuses all encompassing.

The sun moves into Pisces from February 18 until March 20. At this time, it asks for us to shift our energies away from the brilliant, detached intellectualism of Aquarius, and toward empathy, intuition, and spirituality. Some say that Pisces being the final sign in the zodiac makes them quite deep, and while this could be true, they are so much more.

Pisces is a sensitive water sign, ruled by the planet Neptune. The sign is fluid and tends to be sympathetic to the underdog. Some other common traits amongst pisces people are being emotionally sensitive, gracious and emotionally aware. They are regarded for being among the most sympathetic people of the zodiac signs, and they will go to great lengths to ensure the happiness of those around them (even if it is a detriment to themselves).

Celebrities like Spike Lee, Tyler, The Creator and Wanda Sykes being Pisces comes as no surprise. Pisces are known to be extremely creative and imaginative, often living in a world inside their heads. Their strengths include compassion, art, intuition, gentleness, wisdom and high musical abilities.

Pisces enjoy their solitude, romance, sleeping, swimming and being in alignment with spirit. Pisces are also adaptive and very friendly, finding themselves in the company of very different people. They are selfless and always willing to help others. People born with their Sun in Pisces have an intuitive understanding of the life cycle and form incredible emotional relationship with other humans on the basis of natural order and senses guiding them.

This gallery of our favorite celebrity Pisces range from some of the top musicians in the world to the most exceptional athletes. Pisces are passionate about their gifts and nurture those gifts to their fullest potential. Also, did we mention Rihanna?

Let’s celebrate with a list of the ever-flowing, talented Pisces celebrities we know and love below:

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1. Smokey Robinson

Source:Smokey Robinson

The singer, songwriter and producer was born Feb. 19. 

2. Seal


The singer and songwriter was born Feb. 19. 

3. Rihanna


The singer, actress, fashion designer, and businesswoman was born Feb. 20. 

4. Sidney Poitier


The actor, film director, and diplomat was born Feb. 20. 

5. Charles Barkley


The former professional basketball player and current television analyst was born Feb. 20. 

6. Nina Simone

Source:Nina Simone

The singer, songwriter, and civil rights activist was born Feb. 21.

7. Aunjanue Ellis

Source:hollywood photo play

The actress and producer was born Feb. 21. 

8. John Lewis

Source:Urban Leaders Fellowship

The late, former United States representative, politician and civil rights activist was born Feb. 21. 

9. Jordan Peele

Source:Jordan Peele

The filmmaker, comedian, and actor was born Feb. 21. 

10. Rashida Jones

Source:Rashida Jones

The actress, director, writer and producer was born Feb. 25. 

11. Erykah Badu

Source:Erykah Badu

The singer, songwriter, record producer and actress was born Feb. 26. 

12. Chilli


The singer, dancer, actress, television personality and model was born Feb. 27.

13. Tasha Smith

Source:Tasha Smith

The actress, director and producer was born Feb. 28.

14. Daniel Kaluuya

Source:American Photography Winners

The actor and writer was born Feb. 24. 

15. Harry Belafonte

Source:Capishe Productions

The singer, songwriter, actor and activist was born Mar. 1. 

16. Lupita Nyong’o

Source:Lupita Nyong'o

The actress was born Mar. 1. 

17. Don Lemon

Source:Don Lemon

The television journalist was born Mar. 1. 

18. Jayson Tatum

Source:Jayson Tatum

The professional basketball player was born Mar. 3. 

19. Draymond Green

Source:Draymond Green

The professional basketball was born Mar. 4. 

20. Shaquille O’Neal


The former professional basketball player, current sports analyst and businessman was born Mar. 6. 

21. Tyler, The Creator

Source:Tyler, The Creator

The rapper and record producer was born Mar. 6. 

22. Wanda Sykes

Source:Wanda Sykes

The actress, stand up comedian and writer was born Mar. 7. 

23. Boris Kodjoe

Source:Boris Kodjoe

The actor, producer and former model was born Mar. 8. 

24. Kendrick Sampson

Source:Kendrick Sampson

The actor and activist was born Mar. 8. 

25. Shad “Bow Wow” Moss

Source:Shad Moss

The rapper and actor was born Mar. 9. 

26. Jasmine Guy

Source:Jasmine Guy

The actress, director, singer and dancer was born Mar. 10. 

27. Common


The rapper and actor was born Mar. 13. 

28. Quincy Jones

Source:Quincy Jones

The producer, musician, songwriter, composer, arranger, and film and television producer was born Mar. 14. 

29. Simone Biles

Source:Simone Biles

The Olympic artistic gymnast was born Mar. 14. 

30. Stephen Curry

Source:Stephen Curry

The professional basketball player was born Mar. 14. 

31. Will.I.Am

The rapper and producer was born Mar. 15. 

32. Blake Griffin

Source:Blake Griffin

The professional basketball player was born Mar. 16. 

33. Joel Embiid

Source:Joel Embiid

The professional basketball player was born Mar. 16. 

34. Jhené Aiko

Source:cozy culture mami

The singer and songwriter was born Mar. 16. 

35. Tamar Braxton

Source:Tamar Braxton

The singer and television personality was born Mar. 17. 

36. Queen Latifah

Source:Queen Latifah

The rapper, actress and singer was born Mar. 18. 

37. Vanessa Williams

Source:Vanessa Williams

The singer, actress and fashion designer was born Mar. 18. 

38. Spike Lee

Source:Spike Lee

The film director, producer, screenwriter, actor, and professor was born Mar. 20. 

39. Sloane Stephens

Source:Sloane Stephens

The professional tennis player was born Mar. 20. 

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