Teyana Taylor has been everyone’s body goals for years now, but it wasn’t until after she gave birth to baby Junie that people really started to take notice.

Mrs. Shumpert‘s VMA debut as the star of Kanye West‘s “Fade” video also helped catapult her to another stratosphere of bae-ness.

But let’s be real, all the real ones know that TT’s been a young GOAT in the making. She’s talented, low-key and just FINE AF!

@Derikka45: Teyana Taylor , is so damn fine idc how many times i have to say it i need a her

@BrownSugarBaeee: Teyana Taylor look so good it don’t make no sense

The young Harlemite, mom and wife turns twenty-fine, er, 29 today — and what better way to honor her than to highly some of her snackiest moments! Thank us later.

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1. Queent.

Queent. Source:Getty

6. A beaute.

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9. Whew.

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11. Fire Emoji

12. Yes Maam

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First time I met YOU (LGBTQ/ballroom) I was 15. An age when I didn’t feel my prettiest, didn’t know who I really was ya know. I was still finding myself in this crazy world like any other normal 15 year old but it’s so crazy how before I became the woman I am today, most importantly, I was accepted with open arms by YOU. YOU made me feel so beautiful. YOU embraced my strong features, YOU embraced my big hair, YOU embraced everything about me like no other and I knew from that day on that YOU would a home for me and would forever be apart of who I would become & something I would love and forever embrace AT ALL TIMES. Stepping into the industry shortly after, I realized that a lot of people did not embrace YOU the way I did, I was confused I could not understand for the life of me why YOU wouldn’t be embraced! Why the hell was people ashamed of YOU!! My sweet 16 I had YOU part of it and it weirdly did not make the episode, I had YOU in my very first music video at age 16 that you also oddly didn’t make it in. I never understood why but it hurt me. But I never let it stop me from EMBRACING & LOVING YOU. So I continued to always remind people that this is me! This is who I am. Once I realized that them NOT embracing YOU had become a repetitive thing, I vowed to continue to represent YOU whenever to whoever!! And that one day when I am where I want to be and I have control and power I would WORK MY PUSSY unapologetically to the world with you and make sure the world see where I come from and not have to worry about ANYONE editing YOU out or being ashamed of MY HOME. YOU have taught me to embrace my sexuality, tap into my sexy, love my strong features, love my body and the list goes on and on. It’s so dope to finally do something for/with YOU that WE CONTROL UNAPOLOGETICALLY. I love YOU so much and thank you for everything. I want to thank my staff and crew, I want to thank all the icons, legends & kids for making this video magical W/O YOU no pussies would be WORKEDT!💕 and @_mykki_ thank you for ur voice and presence on WTP my love.❤️ swipe to see full caption.

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14. Enough.

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Kitana 🗡 #mortalkombat

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