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Blueface may have had his heart in the right place, but a recent video that has since gone viral has the offbeat rapper in the crosshairs of social media. The Find The Beat rapper visited Los Angeles’ Skid Row neighborhood to toss out money, and Twitter is letting him know how tasteless the act was.

Via Twitter, Blueface posted the clip of him tossing bills atop a truck with a crowd clamoring around him. It appeared to be around two dozen people surrounding the vehicle and as evidenced by the “The season of giving” caption, Blueface wanted to spread some holiday cheer.

Again, big ups to Blue for trying to make some days brighter but Skid Row and Los Angeles overall is dealing with widespread homelessness and poverty with observers noting that he could have used the funds to begin long-lasting programs or work with others already looking to eliminate the widespread issues in the city.

Since Tuesday morning (December 24), Blueface has been catching the wrath of folks on Twitter with people who were formerly homeless and advocates of the poor chiming in with their thoughts. Overall, the sentiment expressed just reeked of bad form and hopefully, he’s been reading the commentary and shifting his thinking about giving back.

Naturally, Blueface had some supporters of the act, including DJ Akademiks and more, but there are tons more responses calling out the move as a terrible PR stunt at the expense of the poor residents of Skid Row.  The area’s problems have seemingly exploded in recent months as downtown Los Angeles continues to see rapid revitalization.

Check out the video and comments below.

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