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Tanner Adell is the artist, who’s been breaking barriers in country music. Since being featured on Beyoncé’s Act II: Cowboy Carter, amongst other talented country singers, Adell has reached even more fans. Learn more about the singer and check out a gallery of her best photos inside.

Tanner’s a talented singer and songwriter, who recently made her dreams come true. The songstress once shared her hopes of cultivating a fanbase and community like her idol Beyoncé, but instead she manifested a career changing collaboration. Adell is featured on Cowboy Carter’s “Blackbird” alongside artists Brittney Spencer, Tiera Kennedy, and Reyna Roberts.

The Kentucky born singer has a rich history with music and a deep love for the country music genre. After going to school to study music and getting over her stage fright, Tanner has worked her way to viral stardom with hit songs like “Honkey Tonk Heartbreak” and her latest with “Buckle Bunny.”

The latter single has a deeper message behind it, empowering women to transform an awful name to something that uplifts them.

“People started calling women Buckle Bunnies to try and break their spirits or tear them down or whatever for wanting to look cute,” Adell shared with BET in August 2023. “I’ve been called a Buckle Bunny multiple times. So, for me, it was a no-brainer. I wanted to take the term and turn it on its head into something fun.”

Tanner is just getting started, amassing over 597k followers on Instagram. Her bio is simple, describing herself as an independent country pop artist.

Be sure to follow Tanner Adell and read all you need to know about the budding country singer below:

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1. Where She’s From

Source:Tanner Adell

Tanner was born in Lexington, Kentucky. She was adopted at barely a day old and brought to Manhattan Beach, California by her adoptive parents. 

She credits her Kentucky roots to her passion for country music.

2. Family Ties

Source:Tanner Adell

She describes her family as her best friends. She has two older adoptive brothers and a little brother and sister who were also adopted. 


3. Where Her Love For Music Came From?

Source:Tanner Adell

Adell expressed her interest in music at a young age. In the first grade, the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack became her first musical obsession.

Her dad was the one who encouraged her to pursue music, often signing her up for church performances.


4. School Gave Her Musical Confidence

Source:Tanner Adell

She attended Utah Valley University (UVU) for their commercial music program. She was encouraged to join a band at UVU by her teacher Todd Sorensen.


5. A Few Country Music Influences

Source:Tanner Adell

She spent summers in Star Valley, Wyoming with her grandma’s family.

“I always felt so free out in Wyoming,” Adell shared with BET. “There was only one radio station in Star Valley, so you listened to what they were playing, which was mainly country.”

Without even knowing they were country songs, “Somebody Like You” by Keith Urban and “I Feel Like a Woman” by Shania Twain were my first country songs.

6. Working Through Her Anxiety

Source:Tanner Adell

Tanner struggled with anxiety before gaining confidence as a musician.

“My story is a testament to anyone who has anxiety and thinks they are not brave enough to pursue their dream,” the singer shared. “To those with similar troubles, find and keep people in your circle who truly know and will support you. My circle is one of the reasons I’ve been able to be so focused and successful in my pursuits. With love and support, you can always be more.”

7. Taking Over Country’s Biggest City

Source:Tanner Adell

After school, she decided to pack up her things and move to Nashville to pursue music without knowing anyone or having ever visited country music’s biggest city.

8. A Viral Sensation

Source:Tanner Adell

Her first big viral hit was “Honkey Tonk Heartbreak,” which was later used as a routine song for the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders around early 2022.

Over a year later, a handful of singles like “FU-150,” “Throw It Back,” and “I Hate Texas” have further grown her fanbase. Though it was the release of “Buckle Bunny” that made her a viral sensation.

The single is inspired by the term that was once used to disrespectfully describe women as “rodeo groupies.” Tanner reinvented the term to uplift women, who simply like to get dressed up and go out to rodeos. 

Go girls, go!

9. Tanner Manifested Something Bigger Than Texas

Source:Tanner Adell

One line in Tanner’s hit “Buckle Bunny says,”Looking like Beyoncé with a lasso on.”

Adell often shares her love for Queen Bey as someone she reveres in music. 

“When I think about the kind of career that I have, the kind of community that I want to create and the strength of that community in sisterhood, Beyonce is the model for that,” said Adell. “I feel like she raised me.” 

She raised all of us, sis. We love to see the full circle moment with her feature on Cowboy Carter.

10. The Mission Supporting Her Mission

Source:Tanner Adell

Tanner grew up as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and served in the Sweden Stockholm Mission.

“I received a guitar early on in my mission and used it to express myself,” Adell shared with her alma mater, UVU’s ‘Wolverine Stories.’ “I wrote and recorded songs on the iPhones we had, then sent them out to other missionaries.”

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