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Vice President Harris Speaks At Naval Academy Graduation Ceremony

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Vice President Kamala Harris took to Twitter to tell the American public to “Enjoy the long weekend,” but those who drank from the cup of MAGA and Trumpism are fake outraged. The assumption from those foaming at the mouth over Vice President Harris’ tweet believed she ignored the purpose of Memorial Day, which is to honor the troops, even though she did just that on Sunday morning (May 30).

Because those in MAGA Land have selective memory or are just looking for a reason to yell at the moon, they seemingly ignored their hero in former President Donald Trump, who famously made fun of a war hero in the late Sen. John McCain, a fellow Republican Party member at that. While there was some criticism, one would think that Harris burned the flag for the way the MAGA stans are overreacting.

Memorial Day Weekend is a long weekend for many American families and one of the busiest travel days of the year. With the clutches of the pandemic finally appearing to loosen, this should be a time of gathering with family and friends, while also remember the women and men in the armed forces who dedicated their lives to project the values of the country, which include kindly wishing everyone a long weekend.

The reaction from some conservative pundits and people with cartoon avatars and the usual right-wing bot machines are all trying to spin this as an attack on America and not see it as a simple kind wish for all.

We’ve got reactions from all sides listed out below. Salute to all the veterans and, yes, enjoy your long weekend.

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Facts don’t matter to them, though.



Look at this well-worded nonsense.



He’s got USA in his Twitter handle so, you know, he really means it.


For Trump, it was effortless. OOPS.





Good one.


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