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It’s Dolph!: The Ten Best Young Dolph Hits

The Parking Lot Concert Presents Young Dolph's Official Album Release Concert

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It’s hard not to think about where Young Dolph’s career would be if it wasn’t for his untimely demise. The Chicago-born rapper was destined for success. Dolph’s distinguished catch phrase and his catchy adlibs, along with slow southern pronunciation and relatable lyrics was easily digestible for the casual hip-hop fan.

Young Dolph was ahead of his time, he even recognized it himself in a tweet


Young Dolph was always business minded. Instead of showcasing his talents to a record label, he created his own record label where he released his first project Paper Route Campaign under the label Paper Route Empire he founded in 2008. Paper Route is currently run by joint CEO, Jeremel Moore.

Young Dolph revealed he was dealing with anxiety weeks before his passing. Dolph did not go into details as to what was causing the anxiety, however, he did disclose that the diagnosis came from a professional.

“I never knew what anxiety meant until My doctor just explained to me that I have it this morning” Dolph tweeted.

Young Dolph shook the world with his passing. with tributes pouring in from all over the world, from artists, to actors, and athletes alike, everyone had kind words to say about Young Dolph.

As we come upon the second anniversary of Young Dolph’s passing, we salute Dolph with a tribute of RNB PHILLY’s favorite Young Dolph hits!

Check out our Top Ten Young Dolph tracks below!


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