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Lamar Odom used to be an NBA All Star on a championship team. That’s probably not why most people will remember him.Today, however, it seems as if Odom has turned a new leaf, and is enjoying life with his new fiance, Sabrina Parr, who just happens to be from Cleveland, Ohio.

However Destiny Odom, Odom’s daughter, took to instagram to tell a different story. Destiny alleges Lamar’s fiancé Sabrina Parr is physically abusing the ex-NBA star. She revealed that Sabrina punched Odom in the mouth, among other things. The original post has since been deleted but you can check it out below.

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1. Swipe to see abuse claims from Lamar’s daughter Destiny…

2. FUN FACT: In 2015, Parr served a felony sentence for assault against her ex-husband, Antonio Davis (not the former NBA player)

Sis said she lost her home, car, kids, and business. Word has it the incident took place after her ex husband Antonio Davis believed she was having an affair after he found out she a second phone with questionable text messages. Davis testified that Parr punched and hit him on the back of the head with a trophy after he tried to leave the house. Parr maintained that Davis threw her against a wall and choked her, which is why she grabbed the trophy and hit him with it.

On January 26, Odom took to instagram with an emotional caption for his fiancée Sabrina. The post came not long after Sabrina seemed to delete their engagement Instagram post from November 2019.


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I’ve been through a lot of hard times... One that sticks out the most for me was when I was going through my divorce. Not the fact that the me and him weren’t going to be together anymore, but the totality of the situation. I had to separate my kids. I couldn’t answer a lot of their questions. I had the weight of going to jail and facing 2-8 years in prison on my back. I didn’t have time to stop and grieve because bills had to be paid and my daughter needed my presence. During that time which is arguably one of the hardest times of my life, I learned what I was truly made of! It was a very lonely time.... I learned how to truly grieve. I learned how to forgive. I learned what peace really looked like. I learned nothing is more important than peace! I learned what to do and what not to do in my next relationship. I learned how to create boundaries. I learned that a “NO” is a complete sentence that doesn’t require explanation! I learned how truly talented I was. I learned how real God was! As problems got worse around me I got better at dealing with them! It’s when I had nothing that my dreams were the biggest and issues became smaller! My focus changed. I drowned out the noise around me and put my head down and got to work! It was a situation I wish I could have avoided, but the fact that it happened and I made the best out of it is why I’m better today! Do yourself a favor and become better today! #wcw #msparrmotivates #sabrinaparr #getuptoparr

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