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Skinny Jeans Are Out: Rock These 5 Types Of Jeans Instead

Source: Courtesy of Good American

I recently laid my skinny jeans to rest (*sobs*). After extensive jean research and a fashion faux pas here and there (see below the last time my skinny jeans and I were in fashion bliss together), I fully embrace the ’90s jeans fad, and here’s why you should, too.

One afternoon, I was doom-scrolling on social media (totally neglecting my mommy duties) and came across an interesting post on TikTok listing a few wardrobe mistakes millennials often make. As a fellow millennial on top of her fashion game (or so I thought), I decided to watch the post just for fun and giggles. After a few seconds into the video, I discovered I was being exposed. I was holding on to a few styles that aged me (i.e., skinny jeans and mom jeans), and I needed to snatch my denim collection with the quickness.

Before proceeding, let me make this disclaimer: I wholeheartedly believe fashion is an individual thing and that one should wear whatever makes them happy. While I love timeless styles that transcend trends, I also like to stay abreast of the latest. And this jeans fad fits right into my classic style genre, so I am all over it.

’90s Jeans Are Making A Comeback

As the old saying goes, nothing is new under the sun. This adage especially rings true for fashion. The jeans that once bombarded the ’90s fashion scenes are back and here to stay. The wide-leg, relaxed jeans trend emerged last year with a bang. Our favorite celebrities were jumping on the style bandwagon and slaying the look. And before you knew it, mid-rise, low-rise, wide-leg, baggy jeans were a thing again, and the classic straight-leg, tapered jeans (mostly) replaced the once-coveted skinny-leg denim.

Nowadays, it’s all about creating a chic look around a relaxed jean that says, “I’m fashionable but not trying too hard.” While high-waist jeans can still serve their purpose for some, mid to low-rise jeans are having their moment. It’s evident that hiding your stomach is not the wave anymore, and flaunting it, no matter the size, is. The new jeans trend is more comfortable than those skintight skinny jeans, in my opinion; therefore, I’m all for the change.

So, if you’re open to reworking your jean wardrobe and making sure you’re fresh for the spring, get into the five jeans below that will instantly upgrade your denim swag.

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1. Wide-leg Jeans

Wide-leg Jeans Source:Courtesy of Good American

Wide-leg jeans are the go-to jeans these days. They come in high, mid, and low rise, giving off that coveted, relaxed look. Style them with some snazzy heels or fresh sneakers.

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2. Cargo Jeans

Cargo Jeans Source:Courtesy of H&M

Cargo jeans are nostalgic. They were the “it” fad in the ’90s, and fashionable stars like Aaliyah owned this pant style. These jeans are back and here to stay and look good paired with almost anything.

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3. Barrel Jeans

Barrel Jeans Source:Courtesy of Free People

The slouchy barrel jeans add pizazz to your denim collection. These vintage jeans are fun to rock and can be worn dressed up or down.

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4. Straight-Leg Jeans

Straight-Leg Jeans Source:Courtesy of Zara

If you have difficulty letting go of those skinny jeans and embracing the wide-leg trend, straight jeans may be for you. These classic denims will forever slay and create a relaxed vibe when worn with anything.

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5. Frayed Wide-leg Ankle Jeans

Frayed Wide-leg Ankle Jeans Source:Courtesy of American Eagle

The frayed wide-leg ankle jean is a hip alternative to the wide-leg jeans. These are perfect if you don’t like wearing your jeans too long or are looking for a different pair to add to your wardrobe. Like most jeans, these can be styled in various ways and will add spunk to your collection.

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