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YesJulz did it to herself, again. While responding to a critic on Twitter, the colonizing influencer du jour responded by saying, “My ancestors always have my back.”

Yeah, too easy.

For the sake of full context, YesJulz took to Twitter to ask where’s the best spot to throw a pop-up party in NYC. So while clapping back on a critic who said he would shut the party down, she wrote. “Good luck babes. My ancestors always have my back.”

Again, too easy. The snark would generally be harmless—unless you’re an accused and documented culture vulture, as is the case with YesJulz. Meaning said ancestors would be…colonizers, maybe even wanton racists. Also, we’re not falling for that “Latina” claim she’s tried using before.

Of course, she rethought her response, after the fact, and deleted her message, which had already been screen capped for archival purposes. It’s the receipts era, after all. .

But the damage had been done, and Twitter is once again on the attack. So of course, we compiled some of the best slander, for the culture.


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