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It’s been a long sixteen years since Nas and Lauryn Hill first collaborated on the classic hit “If I Ruled The World.” Finally, the two…

So Beautiful

My fascination for makeup and skin care reached its peak when my first pimple arrived. I was devastated. Imagine this – It’s prom night, you’ve got the perfect date, an amazingly gorgeous gown, and guess who’s come to crash your party. Yep, a huge strange colored pimple positioned right on your nose. EEK! My mother […]

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King of the South T.I. is on a heavy promotional trail for his upcoming album Trouble Man. The album, which is due to hit stores…

    Kato Kaelin’s name may ring a bell to you if you followed the O.J. Simpson trial in the late 90′s. His name littered headline after headline until O.J. was ultimately considered not guilty of the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown-Simpson and her friend Donald Goldman. Kaelin was a friend of Simpson’s. He was unemployed and living with […]

Chad Johnson is taking anger management classes in response to the domestic violence incident that led to him being arrested. The former NFL receiver appeared on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” and revealed he is taking the classes to learn how to manage his feelings so he doesn’t explode in the future: SEE WHAT CHAD SAID […]

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Chris Brown this, Chris Brown that… Over the last few years, the hip rocking, flipping, singing phenom better known as Chris Brown has continually infiltrated…


Last night was a good night. We were able to register folks to vote for this up coming election, and get our laugh on at the same damn time! We also celebrated JuDee Brown’s 1 year anniversary at The Funnybone. It was an awesome night and if you missed it, well take a look at […]


As entertaining as the latest season of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” was, the stories from the characters we have grown to love have caused a bit of controversy. K. Michelle went on the show for a chance at stardom and to tell her story, no matter who it may have offended. Memphitz and wife […]

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It’s official. Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson have officially separated on Tuesday. A Florida signed off on the papers one month after Johnson was arrested on a domestic battery charge. Johnson originally did not want to sign the papers and even showed signs of trying to rebuild the relationship after having Lozada’s face tattooed on his leg. […]

  People have always asked what the rap game has been missing. Some will respond that rap is missing the fun and party atmosphere it once had in its Golden Age. Virginia rapper/producer Missy Elliott is bringing that back with two of her brand new singles off her upcoming album “Block Party.” Along with Timbaland, […]

  Despite the rumors swirling on the internet yesterday regarding Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada secretly hooking up, which I reported and seriously had doubts about, today I can report that the couple’s marriage is officially over! One month after Evelyn filed for divorce, a judge in Miami has signed the divorce papers reports TMZ. […]