Real Talk with Ms. Ebony J

We are three weeks into How to Get Away with Murder and all I want to know is, would you had let a coin determine your destiny? This law student must really be something. He’s won the trophy two weeks in a row! He convinced Anna to take the case against his neighbor but that […]

Cyrus is tricking for $2,500? That’s really going to come back and bite him in the ass. Lizzie and her male “prostitute” are cooking up something big. We know Cyrus is dirty; I don’t think I can handle what’s about to come next. It gets better and better each week. Fitz actually knows Abby’s name […]

We all have the power to be whatever it is we want, and do everything that we’ve ever dreamed. The problem is not everyone realizes the power they have, or they don’t know how to use their power. This weekend I spoke to students from Northern Kentucky University, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati State and Miami […]

Wow, I could barely keep up! Jake appears to be down but how down is he and how long will these booty calls last? Mellie is depressed but the president has chosen to support her through this time. I just wonder if this grieving family will last the entire season. “A broken heart is a […]

So Jason Derulo broke up with my girl Jordan sparks over the phone? “Where they do that at?!” in my ratchet girl voice. He told the Breakfast Club yesterday that the breakup had nothing to do with cheating. So what caused the breakup? Derulo told The YBF, “When you start having more downs than ups, […]

Today is October 3rd,  so we are now officially 28 days away from the scariest day of the year. Unlike most people, I’m not really that excited about it. I don’t like to be scared nor do I understand why people pay so much money to be scared. The only part I’m looking forward to is […]