The Golden State Warriors got a much-needed boost, not from Steph Curry, but Semi-Pro legend Jackie Moon. 

Happy International Women’s Day! As we celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of women, let’s highlight the ladies who continue to raise the bar in the arts and music industry. Music is an artist way of painting. It is their poetic expression of life, love, emotions, hard times and triumphs. Mix a rhythmic poem over a […]

An unconfirmed report of Queen Elizabeth II's death by way of Hollywood Unlocked has caused mass confusion and led to a social media roast session for Jason Lee and his gossip blog.

Michigan Wolverines men's basketball Juwan Howard reminded everyone he's from Chicago on Sunday (Feb.20).

Given his longtime success as a comedian, actor, all-around businessman and soon-to-be investor in the cryptocurrency world of NFTs, is Steve Harvey quite possibly the flyest Baby Boomer of them all?

Abbott Elementary is slowly but surely capturing the hearts of many fans across the world with its witty writing and workplace humor. One particular character stole the show this week. Meet the Atlanta stand up comedian and rapper Zack Fox, who plays Janine's boyfriend Tariq on the show. See gallery inside.

As season one concludes, the premium streaming service says it will bring back the show for a second season, and fans on Twitter react.

A list Of Samples You May Not Recognize In Your Favorite Songs Many of today’s most influential artists sing praises to their idols and inspirations, yet most forget to mention their less popular predecessors. The Biggies, Tupacs and Janets all get their glory, while many newer rappers, singers and producers pay homage to legends through […]

Award-winning actor Mahershala Ali celebrates his 48th birthday today. The Oakland bred actor has had a successful career over the years, receiving countless accolades for his performances onscreen. We celebrate his many achievements with a gallery of his most handsome photos inside. 

The latest missive from the talented Harlem rapper occurred when she shared a text message exchange and fight between her and Ye aka Kanye West's ex Julia Fox, which has Twitter talking.