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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month! and it has hit my family HARD as my aunt passed away in 2013 from Breast Cancer. Ladies AND MEN! Know the signs, find out why its important to get screened, know your family history and check out these  6 breast cancer detection methods… 1. Mammograms- which are X-ray images of your […]

When I read this it made me think twice before going to some Fast Food places. So put it on down and read this from former employees…. 1. Lemons and Ice in your drink– Lemons are not cleaned before slicing and ice machines are NOT cleaned out on a regular basis 2. Not all, but […]

Lets talk serious for a second..with everything going on with the abusive situation that surfaced and made national news! How can YOU tell if YOU are in a unhealthy Relationship??? Lets talk some Warning signs of a Unhealthy Relationship… * Of course #1- Physical abuse- it can come in many forms, and is any kind of physical […]

Ok you trying to diet, trying to loose weight? Most people start on Monday morning so perfect time to pin point your diet personality and fix it so tomorrow you are off to a fresh start! Check out one of my favorite to see what they consider…Diet Personalities… * Diet Personality: Bad Attitude Bunch- You’ve […]

Its that time!!! My son started back last week! You ready?!?! According to Wedmd parenting… Check out these tips on helping your child prepare for Back to School! 1. Re-Establish School Routines-I know I know hard one lol Use the last few weeks of summer to get into a school-day rhythm. “Have your child practice […]

If you like me you are trying to stay fit, toned and not only looking well but being healthy! According to  Check out these 11 Workouts that Burn way more Calories than just running!!!! 1. Cycling 2. Jet Skiing 3. Walking Uphill With a Load 4. 4. In-Line Skating 5. Dancing 6. Rock Climbing 7. […]

Next time you are out and about be more cautious of the things you touch! Wonder why you or your children are always sick?!? Check out these 8 Most Germist Public Places… 1. Grocery store Germiest items: Shopping cart handles and seat buckets 2. Children’s playgrounds Germiest items: The swings, jungle gym and other equipment Playgrounds are […]

Need to lift your spirit up?  Try these 15 Quick and Easy Mood Lifters... 1. Eat often and eat light 2.Limit refined carbohydrates 3.  Include a small amount of lean protein at every meal and snack 4. Eat foods rich in omega-3 fats 5. Ramp up your B-12 and folate (folic acid) 6. Get your daily dose of exercise. […]

In a couple of hours it will be MONDAY! if you like me thats the start over day for you diet! Check out these 10 Best Slimming Foods to jump start your day! 1. Apples 2. Eggs 3. Cauliflower  4. Lowfat Yogurt 5. Oatmeal 6. Peanuts 7. Soup 8. Fish 9. Bulgur  10. Salad WHY??? HOW??? MORE […]

Stress, Worry, it can kill you! You know that medication and talk therapy are conventional treatments for depression. But did you know that little parts of your daily routine can also serve as mood boosters? Check out these 5 Surprising Ways to fight Depression… 1. Try Meditation 2. Practice Reiki 3. Consider Constructive Wallowing 4. Put Your […]

OMG I eat 24 hours a day it seems! When you are trying to diet thats when you are hungry the MOST! Check out these 5 tips on why you could be overeating…. Emotion. Eating as a coping mechanism, to numb suffering, calm fears, or combat loneliness are typical examples of emotional eating. Reward. Eating […]

Working out daily but see no change?!?! In order to continually boost your level of fitness, Jillian says you need to throw your body and brainexercise curve balls. First, it’s very easy to get bored with the same old routine. To keep things fun and fresh for your mind and body, you need to present them both with […]