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Just when you think you are doing well smh…! If you are a snack-er like me! Watch it! Check out these 6 snacks we THINK are healthy! 1. Veggie Chips..Just because they say “Veggie” doesn’t mean they are healthy, nope! these chips are┬ámade of vegetable flour and don’t contain any real vegetables at all! They […]

Ok, if you’re a hardworking on the go mom like me! You get up at 5am work all day come home to make dinner, help kids with homework, wash dishes, do laundry, clean the house and don’t forgot 1 on 1 time with your spouse! TIRED isn’t the word! So when can you fit time […]

So your married or if you like me, getting married soon! You might want to take a look at these 9 things that could possibly ruin your marriage! 1. Addiction! Rather its porn, shopping, food or even social media being addicted to something is a bad thing! 2. Sex, nope! Your not in the mood […]

Ok so we halfway into January, have your New Year resolutions wore off or are you still going strong??? Most would say wore off, here’s why! 1. Saying the same thing over and over again...why expect different results this time? Make sure you are READY and WILLING to change! 2. More than 2-3 changes on […]

Ok, we all hear it…New Year, new you! New Year, new me! Do YOU believe it! Working out and exercising are the #1 New Years resolution for MOST people so how do you maintain it??? 1. Dress your mind as well as your body! having the proper work out clothes can set your mind 2. […]

Went hard for New Years?!? You still feeling it? Check out these Top 10 Remedies for a hangover! 1. Water Water Water! will hydrate you and make you feel better 2. Drinking what you had the previous night! sounds crazy but works 3. Sweat! Exercise helps get out toxins 4. Drugs as in pain killers […]

Ok if you are like me, you have parties, gatherings, kids! HOW do you avoid Holiday Weight Gain?!?! Check out these tips! *Keep your eye on YOU! Don’t do the mindless snacking. When you start to grab something unhealthy look in the mirror and think twice *Stay Sober (well, as much as you can) alcohol […]

Dieters listen up! Everyone tells you what to eat and what not to eat. My way..I eat what I want just small portions! But check out these foods that we think are bad, thats really not that bad for you! 1. White Potatoes- Don’t load it up with butter, cheese, bacon, ect.. but if you […]

Rather your single and mingling, dating, in a committed relationship, engaged or even married check out these 21 reasons why its a good idea to get married! *Marriage is fundamental in a relationship, instead of “father-mother” think “husband-wife” *The Future *Great goal to aim for especially when you have children/teens watching *More likely to offer […]

Ok if you like me I tend to eat MORE in the evenings. I start off with protein, fruits, salads but by the time the work day is complete and you are home, pizza, burgers, beer, ect… Trying to loose weight you can’t eat good through the day and heavy at night. Portions is the […]

We all have “Bad Habits” some we know, some we don’t! Let me shine a light into 10 common bad habits you’re probably doing now, that you should BREAK! Habit #1-Ladies..wearing make up to bed! Beyonce admits to doing it and I do as well especially if its perfect but..this can cause irritations and infections […]

Its that time of the year where you don’t want to gain weight for the holidays but ENJOY the holidays. You eat and eat which means you have to exercise and exercise. Check out these 8 tips that’s important for Weight Loss and help maintain it! 1. ┬áPortions! You MUST control how much goes on […]