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What is this world coming to? Its one thing to grade our children while in school but now the parents are being graded on their parenting skills too? There’s an ultimate goal here and that is to improve on parental involvement. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get “everything” done. […]

Its National Black HIV Awareness Day! We’ve been blessed to speak to an advocate, and survivor of the HIV disease, Hydeaia Broadbent. Hear her story. Learn. Be encouraged to live better! Encourage one another to join in the fight against HIV/Aids. Protect yourself and your loved ones from this disease. To find out your status […]

Mother and Author, Debra Tillman dropped us a line this morning. If you’re looking for alternative idea when it comes to disciplining your child take a listen to the interview below. Then make sure you watch America’s Super Nanny lead by example as she offers new parenting techniques. America’s Supernanny airs Tuesday’s at 10pm/9c. Your […]

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Bill Cosby played football at Temple, ran track for the Owls and still attends their basketball games. But baseball? Not so much while growing up at the Richard Allen projects in Philadelphia. “No, no, no. I wasn’t any good,” the comedian told The Associated Press recently. “But I was fast. I think I held the […]

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Boys & Girls Clubs provide young people with: A safe place to spend time during non-school hours and the summer as an alternative to the streets or being home alone. A chance to play, have fun, laugh and learn. Opportunities to build new skills that raise each child’s belief that he or she can succeed […]

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The “system” has been blamed for dropping the ball for a lot of needy, at-risk families.  In a lot of cases, their disorganized bureaucracy has cost children their lives and shattered families forever.  But, in this particular case it appears that the system may have been somewhat exhausted. According to several news sources in Tampa, Florida, Angel […]

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Study’s revealed Black women, the majority of whom are infected through heterosexual contact are far more infected with HIV than women of other races. In fact black women account for 57% of all new HIV infections among women. If you have yet to be tested, if you haven’t been tested within the last 6months- its […]

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During Drug Facts Awareness Week Ginuwine stopped in studio to share his story.  Unbeknown st to many, Ginuwine has toyed with drugs and alcohol. His battle became worse after the passing of one of his closest friend’s and label maste,  R&B songstress Aaliyah. Today, he has rid himself of his bad habits and is sober. […]

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Every day another life is lost due to drug use. Children are dying. People are dying needlessly. We brought on Dr. Gaya Downing from the NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse). Its National Drugs Facts Week! On our very own website right now you can get educated and possibly win $500.  Take the challenge and remain […]

  Breaking The Chains in conjunction with Cincinnatians Uniting to Denounce Violence hosted their first “Stop the Violence March & Rally” on Saturday. The Peace march started out on the corner of Rockdale and Reading Road. The walk was followed by a rally at Rockdale Park. We heard emotional testimonies from Dr. Ken Davis, the […]

The sisters were in separate rooms when the shotgun fired, according to Cass County conservation officer Brenda Louthain, who investigated the shooting. The pellets from the “20-gauge shotgun” passed through a door jam before striking the 14-year-old. This is likely what saved her life! The 11-year-old told police she was mimicking the crime scene investigation […]

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Does your fifth grader know how to use a condom? They may soon learn if they go to school in Washington, D.C. says Charisma News. The District of Columbia Office of the State Superintendent on Education is pushing out standardized tests for sex education. The District takes its authority to administer sex education tests to […]