After receiving a full scholarship to study medicine at the Latin America School of Medicine in Havana, Cuba, Dr. Arabia Mollette relocated to Cuba, where she studied and lived for seven and a half years. After she matriculated from medical school, Dr. Mollette completed her residency as an Emergency Medical Resident Physician at Newark Beth […]

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Another day, another coronavirus caused pushback. One of America’s biggest music festivals is reportedly about to postpone till the fall. Forbes is citing multiple sources that claim that The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has been postponed over coronavirus concerns. Instead of the festival taking place on the weekends of April 10th and 17th, it will reportedly be […]


The Ivy League becomes the first NCAA conference to cancel its upcoming basketball tournaments due to the coronavirus, the league announced Tuesday. “We understand and share the disappointment with student-athletes, coaches and fans who will not be able to participate in these tournaments,” Ivy League Executive Director Robin Harris said. “Regrettably, the information and recommendations presented […]


Whether it's the flu, a virus or allergies, the best steps to not being sick is prevention. Coronavirus is no joke, and Russ recognizes that at this point it is pretty clear that we can’t “rely on really good information out of the White House.” As far as he can see, those in the White House “have their own beliefs,” he explains. The things that the people in the White House […]


  Ohio Governor Mike DeWine held a press conference confirming that three cases of the Coronavirus COVID-19 have been confirmed in the state after testing.  The Ohio Department of Health also confirmed that eight people have been tested for the virus as of March 9th. The three confirmed are from Cuyahoga County and are in […]

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Two schools in St. Louis are temporarily closed after the father of the first person in Missouri was diagnosed with the coronavirus attended a dance. St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports the patient’s family was instructed to self-quarantine Thursday at their home in Ladue but didn’t follow health department instructions. According to Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill […]


5 people in Ohio are currently being tested for coronavirus. The Ohio Department of Health and Mike DeWine held a news conference Saturday to announce an update on the state with the 5 current cases of coronavirus. WLWT reported the governor of Ohio says that the individuals have been tested and 1 out of the […]


You can get paid for getting sick on purpose! A medical studies company is offering people $4,550 to get infected with coronavirus, then live at their lab in London for two weeks. They’re taking applications soon. According to the DailyStar, a British company called Hvivo that studies viruses is one of the many groups working […]


With concerts and festivals around the country being cancelled or rescheduled because of fear of the Coronavirus spreading, some Americans are taking matters into their own hands. According to sources people are making homemade sanitizer and Everclear vodka is one of the main ingredients. Everclear, which is 190-proof, has been widely used to make strong […]


With all of the worry about the Coronavirus, Here’s  how to make your own hand sanitizer if your favorite store is out!   Ingredients: Alcohol (at least 91%) Aloe Vera Gel Essential Oils Instructions:   Fill small bottle 1/4 full with the alcohol Fill remaining bottle with Aloe Vera Gel Add essential oil drops Mix […]