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Doing the most can sometimes turn your man off. Sometimes you may just want to play things cool. If you dont know how to, dont worry below is the guide to help you women turn your man on instead of off. Hope you enjoy.

1. Too tipsy

There’s nothing wrong with a few drinks but I’m tired of the belligerent drunk friend who gets loud and stumbles out the club, falls down, cries about how miserable her life is, only to do the same thing next weekend.

2. Flirt too hard.

You ever meet a flirty? The type of woman who flirts too damn hard and winds up turning the fellas off? Yeah, don’t be that woman

3. Holier than Holy

You know the types I’m talking about. Those who think they’re going to get to heaven faster by playing kiss up with the pastor and scolding all their friends about the sinful lives they’re living.

4. Think like a woman act like a man

There’s been a shift in the past 20 years where women have taken on the “negative” characteristics of men and their whorish ways. I’m not trying to police anyone’s desires but understand that when you’re out in the world sleeping around to no end and saying you’re just doing what men do, doesn’t make your behavior, or theirs, right.


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