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Rick Ross and Floyd Mayweather have been beefing for awhile, even going as far as Rick Ross releasing diss song] to Mayweather. However all this beef is now over as Ross stated they ran into each other again and like a Boss he squashed it. “Yeah, bumped into Floyd Mayweather,” Ross said. ”Most definitely. We chopped it up like G’s and after a discussion, we shook hands. So that’s squashed. It’s a new year, it’s time to get new money. Y’all know what it is. I kept it 1,000.”

So now that Floyd Mayweather is out of the crosshairs for Ross, Sway (of The Wake Up Show and MTV) enters them as Ross calls him out. I would love to issue a challenge to anybody that think they could go cold turkey on the Boss. I hear Sway got something, but I don’t think Sway want none. You feel me? This is the winner’s side. The calling out of Sway starts referring to a bowling match, and Sway was quick to accept the challenge and demanding if he wins for his name to be included in a metaphor on his next radio single. “You don’t wanna see me on the lanes, man,” Sway said after watching the Ross footage. I’m gonna say this, Rick Ross challenged me. I gladly accept his challenge. More importantly, than me just taking it to the lanes, I think we should put something on it. We should do it for a charity in Haiti. Or even the Haitian community in Florida, those who may have suffered from this catastrophic event that hit the island. More importantly man, I think after we get busy on these lanes, and I take care of my business, I feel like I should get mentioned in a metaphor on one of your radio singles. I wanna be called ‘Sway the Boss.’ That’s what we gambling for. That’s what the stakes are. The stakes are high. I’m taking the challenge.” Sounds interesting you know Sway will win for two reasons. First reason is I dont think they make bowling balls with holes big enough for Ross’s fat fingers. Secondly can he even bowl with a belly that big that has to throw his game off, there is no way you can have a straight throw bumpin into that belly Via:drewreports.com

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