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Is Mathew Knowles Paying Off Stations to Diss Letoya Lucket?

We all know Mathew is sneaky, but now a source tells Bossip that Mathew is even dirtier than we thought when it comes to making sure Bey Bey Beyonce stays on top of the charts.

Flip the Hood for the Details…

A source in the Knowles camp tells us that Mathew truly despises Letoya Luckett and has been using payola to pay off DJ’s at radio stations not to play Letoya’s music. Letoya’s new single “Regret” doesn’t get any bigger than it already is.  Our source says that Mathew thinks Letoya’s  success will overshadow Beyonce’s if Letoya’s music gets as much airplay exposure as Beyonce’s.

We also learned that Beyonce is aware of what’s going on but won’t say anything to stop her dad

. Apparently, she trusts Matthew and what he’s doing. Bossip researched and found out that Letoya’s single is in the top 5 spot on Urban radio charts, showing that the song has the potential to be played at the top urban radio

stations in heavy rotation, yet it’s not.

Hmmm… we wonder why.  We hear that Matthew is covering up the payola expense to pay off radio stations by saying the money is being used to go and review Beyonce’s tour shows at various venues. We hear he hasn’t had trouble with east coast stations because of their affiliations with Jay-Z, but the west coast stations haven’t been as easy.

As if this wasn’t enough, our source tells us this is only the tip of the iceberg and Matthew has more up his sleeves.  Such a shame, Letoya didn’t even bad mouth Matthew when we chopped it up with her a couple of  months ago. SMH Pics of Letoya on the set of her video for “Regret” below.

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