It is no secret. The one thing all these artists have in common is clearly that: they keep it right, and keep it tight. All have been known to brag about how in-shape and good they look (and rightfully so). Enjoy the footage below!

Apparently Trey Songz is releasing yet another single from his album Ready. This one is called Your Side of the Bed, and it features Keri Hilson in the video as his wife. It is over six minutes of amazing behind the scene footage. It’s a tribute to our troops, with a different point of view. Trey and Keri have crazy chemistry! Then again, what woman wouldn’t with Trigga? Lol. See it below.

I had to do it! My girl Keri Hilson dropped an incredible #1 album last year in March entitled In a Perfect World…She looked fabulous in the video for Energy. If you haven’t seen it, and you’d like to see it, here it go.

Your girl Trina has an attittude and doesn’t have a problem telling you about it. Her album Amazing is already in stores and she released a video for That’s My Attitude. Trina once was asked in an interview who she admired in the game, and her reply was Beyonce. I’m certainly getting the Diva/Single Ladies influence with her pose frames. Well…um…yea check it out (your girl Diamond formerly of Crime Mob is also in the video).

It’s Urrsher baby!” Big ups to Usher for doing the I Invented Sex remix with Trey Songz and Keri Hilson. The record is absolutely crazy with the three of them on it. Usher’s new project is entitled Raymond Vs. Raymond. The second single is called Daddy’s Home. Check out the video preview below.

In addition to the sexy swag Usher is trying to maintain post-marriage, he has an amazing record called There Goes My Baby. Your boy layed down some nice vocals on this one!

Speaking of hot body, Usher was uber sexy in this video for Confessions Part II. So for all my ladies viewing pleasure, check the arms/chest/and ab work!

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