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It is a new year which means that the cliche’ ‘out with the old, in with the new’ is on every one’s lips. The wordsmith’s at Lake Superior State University have released the list of 15 words and banned phrases for 2010.

“The list this year is a ‘teachable moment’ conducted free of ‘tweets,’” said a Word Banishment spokesman who was “chillaxin‘” for the holidays. “‘In these economic times’, purging our language of ‘toxic assets’ is a ‘stimulus‘ effort that’s ‘too big to fail” according to .

The list also includes “bromance,” “sexting” and “APP” which were all some of the most over-used and annoying words in the media for the last year. In our world there are also those words that need to banned as well:

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Jump-off: Can’t she just be the other woman? Some people even use this phrase when they are talking about any and all sexual partners.

Baby Mama/Baby Daddy or BM: When Khloe Kardashian called Kourtney’s boyfriend Scott the “Baby Daddy,” it lost all street cred. Let it Go, and get married. With 42% of black women having never been married, we need to do better as a people.

Grindin’ or ‘On the Grind’: Can’t you just be hard at work? Why all the drama? And the people who say this are often the most lazy.

LOL: Note, when you say something sarcastic on Facebook, Blackplanet or via text just trust that the other person understands. You’re witty. We get it. Stop with the disclaimer. When someone else says something funny, just laugh to yourself. Why do you have to laugh out loud?

If you still say: “bling-bling,” “throwback,” or you are still wearing urban gear, just disregard because there is no helping you.

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