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The end of tyranny, abuse and rule with an iron fist of the people of Egypt has ended with former President Hosni Mubarak stepping down abruptly.

Vice President Omar Suleiman announced that the armed forces will take over the leadership of the country during this transition.

“My fellow citizens. In this difficult time that the country is going through, the president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak has decided to relieve himself of his position as president and the Supreme military council has taken control of the state’s affairs. May God protect us,”

The crowds in the streets of Cairo resemble the stands of the World Cup with flags and jubilations of people chanting, “Egypt is free.”

The former 82-year-old president left his palace in Cairo earlier today as protesters continued to add the pressure and passion they have been showing for change in the government since the revolution began 18 days ago.

The revolutions in Egypt, and Tunisia, has rocked the Arab world. Concern coming from conservatives are about the government falling into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood, or any outlawed group that promotes “terrorism”, and the outbreak of violence.

“The role of the rest of the world is to tell them honestly but behind closed doors on secure lines, ‘We are ready to be there beside you if you move concretely and coherently toward change. We respect your need to avoid it falling into the hands of extremists. We understand that you need some time,”

– Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak

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