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It looks as though Tia isn’t the only Mowry that will walk down the aisle to wedding bells. On Thursday, her sister Tamera stopped by Wendy Williams to talk about her new engagement to Fox News Anchor Adam Housely. While there, she showed off her huge rock and revealed that she wouldn’t be spending a fortune on her wedding.

On the ring

“We went ring shopping but he didn’t get what I wanted he got something better. And the first thing I said when we got engaged I was like oh my gosh! It’s nothing that we looked at but I love it!’

On The Wedding Dress

Carolina herrera. It was voted the most resonable wedding dress. I am not going to pay $10,000 for a wedding dress, I’m sorry. This a wedding im focused on my marriage, so yeah it would be stunning and beautiful!

On her fiance

“His very humble though and they came from nothing thats why I love him because he has a humble heart, came from nothing and worked hard. We have to address these rumors though, about Adam and I because its so not true. There were rumors that I was engaged before, wrong. I don’t know who made these rumors up, that my family doesn’t like him. The internet I guess that’s my fault for being so private because people make up stuff and Tia and I are so positive, so they create drama. Thats so not true. My brother’s a groomsmen! He asked my mom and dad for permission, he did it the right way”

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