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I have always seen Teairra Mari as an underdog in the game. The girl has talent. She’s pretty. However, she just doesn’t seem to cross all the way over as fan favorite. She’s overlooked time and again for her efforts. Honestly, I don’t think this mediocre video helps much either. Hey! I do mean that in the most supportive and constructive way! Teairra Mari should first be banging out hits with a voice like hers. Secondly, her image and marketing team should never allow her to be cool with low budget videos with a weak wardrobe and predictable choreography. This is how Kiwi feels (insert Kiwi shrug). I am a fan of Teairra Mari’s, and ultimately I just want more for her because I expect more. Any who or what, the new record is called Body. Whether this comes from a mixtape or an forthcoming album has not been made clear. A while back I reported she was working on a project entitled At That Point, we’ll see if it will eventually make the cut when official music is released. Watch and listen, then leave us your comments below on this single.

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