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50 Cent made an annoucement he has stroke a deal with the company Sleek, making him not only a partner but a shareholder in the company and a seat on the board of directors (sound like any other deal he has done before? ::cough:: vitamin wather ::cough::). The new “Escape Into Your Music” headphones will be wireless optional (unlike those like Dr Dre has) featuring options like…

* Can be used as wired or wireless headphones, with detachable cables

* Has a wireless system which allows the user to listen to lossless, 16-bit sound quality with 60 feet of range, 2.4GHz. signal

* Up to 4 headphones can synchronize to one media player with no degradation to sound quality

* User controlled volume, tracks and tuning with the Enhanced Dynamic Sound (EDS)

* Minimal battery drain from media player as the headphones and transmitter are independently charged through micro-USB

* In the event wireless charge depletes during use, listening can be resumed with cables

* The 50mm. driver is pro-tuned by the acoustic professionals of Sleek Audio and tested by 50 Cent

* The unique feature of this custom speaker system is the combination of both power and clarity

* The headphones are amplified for a concert-like experience when used wirelessly, and can also be used without the amplifier and with the cable while maintaining audiophile sound quality

* Sleek mobile audio products offer options to customers as to how they listen to their music — each ear is unique. The earphones can produce different sound signatures

“I know music, and I’ve tried everything on the market as far as headphones go, but I wanted something different, something better, that really pushed the envelope and gave my fans, and all music fans, a new way to listen to their favorite artists. I was fortunate to find Sleek. The technology they employ and their knowledge of how we hear truly blew me away. It was a perfect match. I didn’t want to just create another pair of loud headphones; I wanted to create headphones that offer top-level performance, style and new technology. Teaming up with Kevin Harrington and TV Goods as our exclusive marketer/distributor will enable us to go head to head with market leaders and beat them in the battle for the hearts, minds and heads of music listeners everywhere,” 50 says.

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