Here’s a few tips to AVOID the drama

Know the family: Have your significant other prepare a list of family members you’ll be meeting and a few key facts about each one. This will familiarize you with each person you meet. If Aunt Rita just got divorced, you don’t want to ask where her husband is.

Dress appropriately: What you wear says a lot about who you, so pick an outfit that is fashionable yet family friendly. This is no place to show off your slovenly side, and just because there is a football game on, doesn’t mean you have to wear a jersey.

Come bearing gifts: If you’re going to dinner, bring a bottle of wine for the king of the house and flowers for the queen. This tradition shows respect for the family and let’s them know you were raised by good parents.

Compliment: You should shower the women with compliments, and definitely compliment the cooking skills of the host. As everyone knows, flattery will get you far — and stroking an ego, even further.

Conversation: Stick to neutral subjects, which means avoiding politics, religion, family issues, money and sex. This is not the place to tell stories of what a ladies’ man you were before their daughter pinned you down.

Mind Your Ps and Qs: First impressions are hard to take back, so you should be on your best behavior and present your best manners. Pull out her chair, keep your elbows off the table and your napkin in your lap, and always put down the toilet seat.

Curb the booze: The holidays are a time to celebrate, but make sure there’s not too much celebrating. Getting hammered at your future in-laws’ house can lead to a disastrous experience, and you don’t want to wake up the next day wondering what you two did to make your parents so angry.

Show interest: Asking questions and being genuinely interested in what is going on in each person’s life will show that you’re a caring individual who is selfless and kind.

Praise your partner: Every parent believes their kid is special, so each time you praise his or her greatness, the parents will feel special. Who doesn’t want to feel like they are the best parents in the world?

Be you: This is your opportunity to highlight the best of who you are and show his or her family why he or she chose you!

Happy New Year!

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