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According to a video that is circulating online, Suge Knight was taken into custody by LAPD earlier today and charged with the death of Tupac Shakur. The report alleges that according to a documentary released in October, two dozen bodyguards were told not to carry weapons on the night Tupac was murdered. It is believed that a fight was staged so that the rival could be blamed for Tupac’s death and that the murder was orchestrated by Suge Knight and a guy name Ronnie Wright who was Death Row’s security chief at the time.

However…while I was watching the video, I couldn’t help but notice that a date flash across the screen that said

“Today is May 20, 2010″. When I went to’s website and searched Suge Knight, nothing came up regarding him being arrested for Tupac’s murder nor did anything come up when I googled.

Furthermore, the report said that officers surrounded Suge Knight as he exited his White Ford Escalade. I didn’t know Ford made Escalades…but ok.

Something fishy is going on here…

Update: Suge Knight was arrested earlier this year around the same time as the date on the video. Someone obviously had some time on their hands and decided to make this fake video. He has not been charged with Tupac’s death…at least not yet. SMH

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