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*Major side eye* here’s what The Young, Black, and Fabulous is reporting:

From Tupac vs. Biggie to Ja-Rule vs. 50 Cent to Jay-Z vs. Nas…it seems like the fellas in the rap game have pretty much chilled and the only ones beefing are the females.  Now Foxy Brown is back in the game with a soon-to-be released Lil’ Kim diss track.

Foxy Brown has announced the coming of a Lil’ Kim diss record that her press release calls “the most anticipated response since Jay-Z’s “Takeover.”  Their words…not mine.

Called “Christmas Massacre,” Foxy’s new single will drop at an undisclosed Christmas party in Brooklyn on December 24th.  On the track, Foxy sends a shout out to her girl Nicki Minaj and addresses her issues with Kim.

Isn’t this Lil’ Kim vs. Foxy beef over ten-years old?  With them both being in their 30’s, it’s like still fighting with some girl from 10th grade. SMH. 

But good luck with the comeback Foxy.  Wet & Wild kisses to you…..

For real Fox? For real? Really? This is the way you want to regain the spotlight? Leave us your thoughts on Foxy’s antics below!

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