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Child, it’s baby making season! So here’s what Mediatakout had to report:

December 21, 2010. MediaTakeOut.com has some EXCITING news, NeNe Leakes from the Atlanta Housewives is PREGNANT . . . and guess who the dad is. Actually we DON’T KNOW.

Well we’re not the only ones. Cause a well informed snitch tells MediaTakeOut.com that NeNe doesn’t know either.

The insider, who told us that NeNe is TWO MONTHS PREGNANT explained, “NeNe suspects that it’s her husband’s child, but she’s been with that man [NFL BALLER CHALES GRANT] too. . . She told her husband that its his, I think they’re going to keep it quiet until they get some kinda DNA test.”

New scientific breakthroughs allow a woman to test for PRENATAL paternity between 10 and 13 weeks. NeNe still has at least two weeks before such a test can be done.

Next season of the Housewives is gonna be interesting a pregnant NENE and a pregnant KIM. . . We can’t wait . . .

We’ll keep you posted right here on wiznation.com as this story unfolds! Do you think its true? Leave us your comments below!

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