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As a man I can totally identify with Regis Philbin getting his cheap feel on Nicki Minaj earlier this week after she had performed on Live With Regis and Kelly.

Any man that respects, likes and loves women can dig where he was coming from. Sometimes ladies, when you do it for us like Nicki so clearly did it for Regis, we just wanna… touch you.

Well, that’s not all we wanna do, but that’s what we’ll settle for. We’d be less than men if we didn’t go for it.

And can you blame Regis?

Nicki Minaj has got it all. She’s top heavy like Katy Perry, bottom heavy like Beyonce, pretty like Alicia Keys and she can rap her a__ off.

She can’t sing a lick as her performance of “Right Thru Me” on Regis and Kelly attests, but Regis didn’t notice. Her dress had all of his attention.

Still, it’s always a little cringe inducing to see a white man manhandle a Black woman on television, and I say that for two reasons:

1)  Slavery inevitably comes to mind and we’re forced to reminisce on that period in time when Black women were pretty much defenseless against white male advances;

2)  I can’t think of ever seeing a Black man manhandle a white woman on television.

So there were probably those made uneasy by what Regis did, just like there were those that got pissed when just-crowned Oscar winner Adrien Brody decided to plant a big kiss on presenter and then-married Halle Berry.

Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake is a serial abuser of Black women on television.

Not only did JT memorably strip Janet Jackson ½ topless during the halftime performance of Super Bowl XXXVIII, but he also gave Beyonce an open-handed whack across her best asset during a skit on Saturday Night Live.

Maybe not fresh in everyone’s mind is the furor over the Monday Night Football skit where aging actress Nicollette Sheridan got Terrell Owens to skip the game by dropping her towel, but the name Emmett Till will always ring a bell.

The 14 year-old Till was in Mississippi visiting from Chicago when he allegedly whistled at a white woman.

For this, Till was subsequently beaten, had his eyes gouged out, was shot through the head, then weighted down and dumped in the Tallahatchie River.

Regis won’t even get a fine.


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