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Nicki Minaj is the covers subject of Billboard Magazine’s newest music issue. On The cover, the magazine pegs Nicki MInaj “the First Lady Gaga of Hip Hop”, and claims that she borrowed a page out of Lady Gaga’s book when she named her fans “Barbz”.  (Lady Gaga refers to her fans as “Monsters”).

The Cover Story also includes good quotes from Nicki Minaj who reveals that Lil Wayne kicked her out of Young Money in 2009 after she missed the second leg of his “I Am Music Tour” and that she thought her career was over when “Your Love” was first stolen and leaked. “Someone stole it out of the studio and put it on the Internet and I cried because I was mortified. I was humiliated and remember telling Drake, ‘This is going to ruin my career.‘”

Although, Nicki loved the Billboard write up, she took to her twitter account this weekend to clear up the Lady Gaga comparisons in the article.

I didn’t “borrow a page” out of anyone’s book. i’ve been calling my fans barbz way b4 i’ve ever heard any1 b called a “monster” ;) its funny how ppl jump to conclusions. maybe a lil black girl from queens couldn’t think 2 call her fans barbz on her own. go figure

that was in reference to the billboard mag cover story. (a story i absolutely love but i felt the need to clear that one little thing up) ;) i was underground for a very long time. ppl seem to think i popped up yesterday & started calling my barbz “barbz”. its unfair to assume its ok 2 give everyone their individual props. no need to lump them all into 1. it undermines the work i’ve put in. the work my fans put in

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