As hard as they try to keep their lives confidential, information always leaks to the public. Here’s what Mediatakeout is reporting on the story:

November 10, 2010. Yesterday, representatives of both The Dream and Christina Milian announced that they have AGREED upon a divorce settlement.

Well has EXCLUSIVELY learned the details of the settlement. According to an EXTREMELY RELIABLE INSIDER here’s what Christina gets:

1- The Dream agrees NOT to try and annul the marriage.

2- Christina gets a lump sum payment of $4 million.

3- Christina will also get $5,000 a month in child support.

4- Christina will get primary custody of their daughter Violet, and grant The Dream reasonable visitation.

5- Christina will NOT be allowed to discuss publicly ANYTHING that occurred between them. Basically, she’s hardly allowed to even utter his name.

Everything seems OK, except the $4 million part. The couple was married on September 5th, 2009. And according to’s insider, The Dream WALKED OUT ON HER before Thanksgiving. Meaning they were married for LESS THAN 4 MONTHS!!!

Geez a million a month for Chrissy, or $33,333.00 for every day living with dude. Sounds like she’s got one HECKOVA lawyer . . . or the Dream’s got a LOT TO HIDE . . .

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