Wellllll (in my Antoine Dodson voice), looks like somebody has stretched their 15 minutes of fame! Antoine Dodson is pulling in cake; why? Because we keep buying into it! I’m not even mad at it. Word has it that he has officially moved his family out the projects into a house. Dodson has garnered national attention since his local news “bed intruder” report. He has a clothing line, a doll, tattoo art, a ring tone, and now a sex offender tracker app. for your phone! They gave your boy a commercial! Wow. Dodson has made several TV appearances as well, such as at the 2010 BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta this summer. Recently, he flew out to LA to join Millions of Milkshakes to create his very own signature “Project Millionare” milkshake for fans. Where will it end? We don’t know. One thing is clear: Antoine Dodson is now a pop-culture sensation.

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