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Now maybe this is just for publicity but let’s ask ourself this question….will he have to be responsible for this rhino? Like has he ever had a pet he had to take care of or anything! lol. we’ll see how this turns out. check out the story from

Rap star 50 Cent may have the title of “Godfather” bestowed upon him, should he take up a South African Community group’s offer to adopt a rhinoceros.

A community policing group called eBlockwatch is calling upon 50 Cent to become “Godfather” to a black rhino that was shot nine times by poachers.

The black rhino, named Phila, had already survived two poaching attacks earlier in the year, prompting the organization to make the bizarre offer to 50 Cent.

“We want to ask him if he wants to become the godfather of our rhino so that he can create awareness worldwide about rhino poaching,” said Andre Snyman of eBlockwatch.

According to Snyman, he hopes that 50 Cent will adopt the rhino, which will be renamed “One Pound.”

50 Cent is not one who allows businesses to exploit his image or likeness.

In July of 2007, the rapper successfully sued a company called Traffix for $1 million, after the company created a “shoot the rapper” banner advertisement game featuring an image with characteristics similar to 50 Cent.

In November of 2009, 50 Cent and Taco Bell settled a dispute, after the fast-food chain illegally exploited his name in the media, by connecting him to a nationwide promotional campaign that asked him to change his name to .79, .89 or .99 cent.

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