The whole Beanie Sigel slash Jay-Z battle slash beef seems like it could get a lot of rappers involved. Just last week Beanie Sigel said that Jay-Z had the entire planned out and he thought Jigga would get Nas to help diss him and 50 Cent, that has yet to come true. Well fellow New York rapper Fabolous says he will have no part in the entire thing after rumors started to spread that he would be joining Jay-Z in a new Beanie Sigel diss. In a new interview, Fabolous talked about what he thinks of the entire beef, adding that he did not want to become involved in helping HOV. “I haven’t,” Fab said about a rumored Nas and Jay-Z diss song. “I heard a message or something on the Internet but I haven’t…Nah, not really [I would not do a diss] because that’s not my beef. I don’t have a problem with Beanie, actually, you know what I’m saying, I’m cool with Beanie too. The same circle Jay was, Beanie was there too. So we all had, [well], I’m not as close, close to Beanie as I am with Jay, but I wouldn’t. That’s not my beef. Their thing is a little more personal, I mean. Everybody knows Jay and Beans, at one point, were hand and hand. Like, that’s not my beef, I wouldn’t even jump in there.”

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