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Rapper 50 Cent returned to his Twitter account today (August 28th) as promised.

The internationally known rap star commented on today’s news that socialite Paris Hilton was arrested in Las Vegas for possessing cocaine.

Hilton was charged with felony cocaine possession on Friday night (August 27th), after police stopped her boyfriend’s SUV after witnessing marijuana smoke emanating from the vehicle.

The rapper claimed that Hilton has been snorting the drug for years.

“Paris got cought with some cocaine last night Man that b**ch been sniffin that yola,” 50 tweeted. “We was in mia a couple yrs ago she was gettin fucked up.”

50 also blasted Kanye West, who also recently joined  Twitter.

“I just looked at kanye page what the f**k kind a spaced out tweets are those…f**k that I aint never looking at that s**tagain.”

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