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Lindsay Lohan Tweets For First Time Since Rehab

Lindsay Lohan blasts paparazzi in her return to Twitter after coming from Rehab. Check out what she had to say.


After a fairly rough summer, Lindsay Lohan is getting back into the swing of things. The actress, who left rehab Tuesday after spending 23 days in court-ordered treatment, has returned to Twitter. In her first tweet as a free woman, Lohan targeted some familiar foes: paparazzi.

“Clearly.. Paparazzi shouldn’t be allowed to take pictures or video while someone’s driving or at a stop light. 4every1’s sake #trafficpolice,” the starlet tweeted Thursday (August 26).

Just like her constantly changing hair color and shenanigans behind the wheel, Lohan’s run-ins with photogs have marked her years in an unrelenting spotlight. A car crash that Lohan claimed was the fault of an overzealous snapper partly inspired a California law aimed at cracking down on eager paparazzi.

In her return to the social-networking site, Lohan appears to have revisited her tradition of oversharing and antagonizing others via the Web. The actress’ turbulent relationship with ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson played out in front of millions of viral fans, with both ladies typing swipes at each other. More recently, bawdy comedienne Joan Rivers went after Lohan on Twitter before the actress began her stint in jail. Lohan has also blasted her publicity-hungry father, Michael, on the site as well.

Even if Lohan has taken up her viral antics once again, many have hope the actress can bounce back from her recent troubles.

“I feel like people in the film industry are rooting for her,” film critic Ryan Gilbey recently told MTV News. “[Director Quentin] Tarantino has been saying great, supportive things about her and how brilliant she’s in this movie he’s produced [‘Machete’].”

Indeed, her “Machete” co-stars have been beaming about Lohan’s performance in the flick.

“I wish her all the best. I mean, she’s a talented young actress,” Cheech Marin told MTV News at the film’s premiere. “Hopefully, she won’t let her personal life overwhelm her professional life. … At some point, you gotta be responsible.”

“She’s so good in this movie,” Jessica Alba added of “Machete.” “I can’t wait for people to see [her in] it.”

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