Imagine coming into your favorite restaurant with your boo. You begin your meal with a nice warm bowl of French onion soup and as your chewing the soft melted cheese, vegetables and onions you find it’s a little more chewy than normal. Upon further inspection it turns out to be a condom is the rubbery substance in your soup. After the patron became agitated and probably sick to his stomach he filed a lawsuit. The lawyers went as far as accusing the plaintiff of planting the prophylactic in the food to scam the restaurant. However DNA testing found that it did not belong to him or his wife.


After going back and forth with allegations of tampering, and who did what to whom the lawsuit has finally been settled with the restaurant chain. The amount has been undisclosed and of course according to the suit is not to be construed as an admission of liability by either party,” lawyers for both sides tell the Orange County Register. Now this California man is paid and its all because he found a…. well you know the rest.


Unbelievable! Check your food before you eat it. SMH


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