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Drake is doing it big right now. The Toronto MC’s debut album, Thank Me Later, is platinum, he’s about to headline his upcoming Light Dreams and Nightmares Tour and he’s just notched 1 million Twitter followers. With that type of success, there’s probably very little that is out of the lyricist’s reach. But Drake revealed that there is one thing he wants that he hasn’t been able to secure yet: snagging Wiz Khalifa as his tourmate.

“I had a little bit of a fan moment, I tried to get this third cat on my tour,” Drizzy told more than 30,000 fans who logged on to check him out live on Ustream on Thursday (August 19). The broadcast came on the heels of the premiere of his “Miss Me” video with Lil Wayne.

Apparently, Drake was keeping his plan to add another act to his tour on the low. “You know we was trying to get Wiz on the tour,” he said, simultaneously informing listeners and his team who were hanging out in the room and clearly didn’t know what he was referring to. The MC then addressed his fans once again: “Hopefully, the Light Dreams [and] Nightmares Tour, depending on what city we go to, it’ll be Clipse, Bun B and Wiz Khalifa. That’s what I’m hoping. I don’t know, maybe I spoke too soon.”

Clipse were already confirmed to join the Young Money MC on the road, along with Houston O.G. Bun B, when the tour kicks off on September 20 in Miami. The chart-topping singer and rapper asked the “Hottest Breakthrough MC” directly about possibly joining the fall tour.

“If Wiz by any chance watches this, you gotta make some calls for me and make this happen,” Drake said. “We got that young energy right now, we need to go out here and kill these people.”

In addition to making his plea for a more Taylor Gang-friendly Light Dreams tour lineup, the MC said he really wants to work with producer 9th Wonder on the follow-up to Thank Me Later.

“9th, can we start this next album please?” Drake asked. “Because I know you in the studio,” he added, urging the North Carolina artist to work on his sophomore effort, which Drizzy hopes to release by next year. The rapper also revealed that he initially wanted the ex-Little Brother beatsmith to contribute to Later, but wasn’t able to make it happen. “I’d greatly appreciate it if we could get some work done because I know last time we weren’t able to do that.”

While his touring and production rosters are still up in the air, Drake said he could confirm to fans that one particular event is a definite: a homecoming concert for Lil Wayne.

“November 5, the Welcome Home Weezy concert,” Drake said. Although he didn’t reveal the location, Drizzy assured fans they wouldn’t want to miss it. “That’s gonna be crazy,” Drizzy smiled. “I told you I got you. I would never just Ustream and talk about nothing.”

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