MTV’s Hottest MCs In The Game: Do You Agree?


Every year, MTV’s Hip-Hop Brain Trust puts out a controversial list of rappers of whom they deem the “hottest” at the moment, and every year the public chimes in with their own dissenting arguments of who belongs and who doesn’t.

The list, which measures the type of career year an artist is having as well as his talent, ranks the rappers using this criteria: rhyme skill, flow, musical prowess, as well as buzz, impact, commercial success and impact.

This year, MTV says that a rapper who turns 40 on December 4th has reclaimed his #1 spot at the top of the game, right now. Join the discussion. Do you agree with this list?

What MTV said: “He’s had the most acclaimed career in rap history. But even with all that lore, all that respect, all that prestige and all that money, Jay-Z continues to add luster to his legacy with time-transcending music, multiple successful business ventures and his dominant influence over the game. MTV News’ Greatest MC of All Time is 2009’s Hottest MC in the Game. Hov isn’t just an elite MC that pushes the culture, the Brooklyn native is the standard-bearer, the leader, a source of inspiration and aspirations — Hov’s the guy we all look to see how far hip-hop can go. And what a ride Shawn Carter has taken us on this year, from Presidential inaugural balls back his Brooklyn ‘hood (where he was accompanied by Oprah Winfrey) ,and he even found time to take us to the world’s most famous arena — Madison Square Garden — for a charity concert featuring historic gathering of musical guests. He also surpassed Elvis Presley to become the solo act with the most #1 albums in Billboard history with 11.”

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