One Of The Last Interviews With Mr. Magic


As hip-hop mourns the loss of DJ Mr. Magic, TheUrbanDaily.com presents an exclusive excerpt from the upcoming book by Dan Charnas, “The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip-Hop,” coming out on New American Library/Penguin in 2010.

Charnas interviewed Magic in October of 2007 and in these following clips he tells the story of how “Lucky the Magician” became Mr. Magic and helped give birth to the group Whodini.

“Disco Showcase” was the brainchild of John Rivas, a DJ from Brooklyn who performed as “Lucky The Magician.” Lucky, too, dreamed of being Frankie Crocker, while he built custom speakers at S&H, an electronics shop in downtown Manhattan. He enrolled himself in a radio course at the New York School of Announcing and Speech, where fellow students told Lucky about a small FM station on the Upper West Side called WHBI that sold airtime for $75 an hour. If he could get S&H to give him $150 for four commercials, he’d be in business. With the fish shop across the street kicking in for a few more spots, he’d be making money. In the spring of 1979, Lucky the Magician shortened his handle to “Mr. Magic,” and launched his “Disco Showcase,” from 2 to 4 a.m. every Sunday morning. Even before the first rap record had been released, Magic brought breakbeats to the airwaves and rappers in to the studio for live routines. Soon, Sal Abatiello signed the Disco Fever on as a regular sponsor. With the release of “Rappers Delight,” “Mr. Magic’s Disco Showcase” became the world’s first rap radio show.

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2 thoughts on “One Of The Last Interviews With Mr. Magic

  1. I ceartainly remember the MR. MAGICS RAP ATTACK show on WBLS IN New York. I grew up in the South Bronx and I started out my early days of doing house parties so being a DJ was and still is a huge part of my life. I remember quite a few Saturday nights hangin’ out listening to his show and of course the rival show down the FM dial. The hip hop world lost a great and true pioneer of the indusrty and he will be truly missed.

  2. This whole thing about Joe Jackson getting an allowance from his son’s estate.. Are you kidding me? Besides giving Michael life because obviously all the rest Michael did, what else did the elder Mr. Jackson do. What other input was ever infused from Joe Jackson to his son Michael??
    It’s not about him nor the entire family….The main focus is about the children that now have to be taken care of; this should be priorty ONE…BOTTOM LINE, JOE JACKSON NEEDS TO GROW UP AND ACCEPT THAT HE DIDN’T WIN THIS ONE.

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