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Ciara is featured in the latest issue of Paper Magazine. In the feature she discusses her desire to become a legend, her guilty pleasures and how she felt about her video being banned from BET.

On her ultimate goal as a musician

My ultimate goal for myself as an artist is to be known as an icon, a legend.  I do hope to be very wealthy. Beyond just my career, I hope to create a legacy for my family that’s never been created before. And to be an icon, to be a legend one day. Tons of Grammy’s would be great one day. I hope to travel around the world and to meet every possible fan I can meet around the world. I would love to be an icon that’s so amazing and so strong that one day people can be like, “You can be the next Ciara.”

On Her Guilty Pleasures

I do love searching the Internet. I like looking at fun videos on YouTube, surfing some of the sites. Even when I do go on the gossip sites, I’m not really into reading comments unless the headline is good stuff then sometimes I’ll look. But I like looking at the photos, and just like looking at media in general. You know what I was watching last night?  I love Forensic Files. I love that they show how they solve murder mysteries.

On her video being banned from BET

Well, it was unexpected for me. In my past experience with my videos with BET in particular, I’ve been used to cutting things out here and there. But when I heard it was banned and would never be played, it was definitely a surprise for me. I didn’t expect that. However, it’s just one of those things… I of course want my video to be played on all networks, but at this point it’s all good. Thank God for new technology and that there are so many ways for my fans to see my video.

I feel like the BET ban hurt the look on her album. Basic Instinct has reportedly been pushed back to October 5th

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