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Chris Pine and Denzel Washington Team Up for Unstoppable

The Big Screen has been missing the handsome face of Denzel Washington. Looks like his fans and admirers will not have that much longer to wait. Check out this trailer of his latest project with Chris Pine.

Via E! Online

Denzel Washington is taking Chris Pine under his wing.

The Star Trek star has joined the Academy Award winner for Unstoppable, from director Tony Scott. It’s the holy s–t are they serious story of two train engineers (yes, really)—one’s a cocky, young whippersnapper (Pine), the other’s a been-there, done-that, unflappable veteran (Washington)—who have to team up to stop a runaway train.

If they fail, the train, which costar Rosario Dawnson‘s character subtly labels “a missile the size of the Chrysler Building,” will pulverize anything in its path, which includes schools, farm animals, Jeep Cherokees and, oh yeah, another train pulling toxic chemicals.

Check out the trailer and tell me what you think.

Unstoppable Movie Trailer


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