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DDG and Halle Bailey go together real bad. However, as with many celebrity relationships, little is known about their intimate life. 

But today, DDG opened up about his forever bae, Halle. Speaking to The Shade Room’s “Keep It 100,” the rapper shared information about their first date, spilled on their red carpet moments, and told fans what he admires about the “Little Mermaid” actress. 

In a new podcast episode on April 26, DDG spoke with host Thembi while shopping at We Are Little Giants, an L.A. streetwear store for children. The retail trip and dialogue mark one of the first times DDG has publicly opened up about his relationship with Halle and their son, Halo.

DDG, whose real name is Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr., got his start in the industry via YouTube. He started making his mark around 2014 and showing his rap and music skills as his popularity rose. 

DDG dropped out of college after reportedly making $30K from a social media video. (He also discussed this with The Shade Room.)

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He and Halle are rumored to have started dating in 2022. The two were spotted at Usher’s Las Vegas residency and have been seen at public appearances, red carpets, and events ever since. The couple was thrust into the spotlight in 2023 amid rumors of Halle’s pregnancy and the birth of their son.

Keep scrolling to read what we learned about DDG and Halle’s relationship from the 30-minute interview.

1. DDG thinks Halle needs to show her humorous side more.

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DDG sees Halle as a breath of fresh air and different from other women he has dated. When asked why, DDG said, “She’s just very, very caring and helpful. She’s very nice, and my biggest thing with her is that she is very funny. We are very relatable in that way. We can laugh for hours, and I feel like she doesn’t show that a lot.” 

2. Halle carried the conversation during their first date. 

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DDG continued to talk about their first date. Describing himself as an introvert, he said Halle surprisingly led the conversation.

“When we went on our first date, she was carrying the conversation,” DDG explained. “I was like, this is dope. I thought she was going to be all closed off and stuff like that, and it was just dope.”

3. Halle (and possibly Chloe) wanted to dress as ‘Bobby and Whitney’ for Halloween 2023.

DDG and Halle nearly broke the internet when they dressed up as Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown last October. DDG laughed as he recalled the costumes. “That was all Halle; she planned it all,” he said.

He followed up and said Halle’s sister, Chloe, also “had ideas” for the Houston-Brown costume. A viral TikTok video about Halle sounding like Whitney may have also been an inspiration.

4. DDG says paying for meals, trips, and Uber is “his job as a man.”

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DDG also touched on his views on splitting costs in a relationship and viral chatter. When asked about it, he shared, “I think 50/50 is cool when it comes to…. nah, not 50/50. I pay for a lot of stuff. I don’t think 50/50 is a thing when you have money. Me and her have money, so it’s a little different.” 

The Detroit native, who also had social media buzzing over the holiday season after gifting Halle expensive purses, continued, “But for the most part, as a man, she would never pay for dinner, she would never pay for a d-mn Uber, or, you know, trips and flights and stuff like that. I feel like that’s definitely my job.”

5. Being a support system for Halle is important.

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Cameras often catch DDG with Halle at red carpets and industry events. But, he shared with The Shade Room that he is just as “OK” with being in the background. “I’m introverted. I don’t want to be on camera anyway. When I do the red carpets, I don’t even know how to smile for real, ” he joked.

He continued to explain that while he “is cool with watching it on T.V.” or at home, he wants to be a support system. DDG continued, “I love for her to do her own thing and have her own shine. I don’t ever want to be that type of person. Never jealous – ever.”

6. DDG plans to “put a ring” on Halle Bailey’s finger.

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While DDG admitted that he and Halle didn’t plan their pregnancy, the entrepreneur is interested in planning a future with the Grammy-nominated singer. When asked if he plans to “put a ring on it,” DDG answered quickly. “Yeah, eventually. I feel like it’s something that is going to happen,” he said.

He continued, “We gotta move at our own pace at this point.”

DDG’s full interview with the “Keep It 100” podcast is available on YouTube here


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