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It’s starting to seem like today’s celebrities are learning the hard way that when you deal with women (well, anyone) you meet off of Instagram or OnlyFans, it’s not necessarily going to be a one-and-done affair. Kai Cenat has become the latest student of how cold the game can get when you play around with the wrong one, but he’s not taking it lying down (at least not like he did at one point with her).

According to Vibe, the world-famous social media influencer is allegedly being extorted by an OnlyFans model, Layla Red, who is looking for a bigger payday in exchange for her secrecy pertaining to their sexual encounter. Apparently, Red has been asking Cenat to cough up $5,000 (on top of the $5,000 he’d allegedly already paid her) or she’d go public with their “relationship.” To show that she wasn’t playing, the OF content creator “leaked” a picture of a naked Kai sleeping in her bed after one of their “baby-making sessions.”

Trying to avoid looking like a simp to his millions of fans, Cenat went on the offensive and refuted the notion that he came out of pocket for $5,000.

Per Vibe:

However, Cenat went live on Sunday night (April 14) debunking the OF content creator’s claims and threatening to take her to court due to her breaking a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that she supposedly signed.

He also shared a transcript of his Apple Pay transactions, showing proof that he never paid her five stacks for sex, but only $50 for her Uber ride.

In response, Red also shared a screen recording of her own which apparently shows a message from Cenat sending over $5k via Apple Pay.

After Red tried to drop her receipts, Kai Cenat went digital age petty on the model and informed everyone that he purchased her name domain so that any time someone Google’s her name, they’ll be directed to “all of her lies,” instead of her OF link, Vibe reports.

That’s pretty damn clever.

Continuing to fight for his good name, Cenat continued to troll Red on his Live and let viewers witness just how messy things can get when you try to come for him and his money. That man really seems unbothered by the situation. Just sayin’.

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