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Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Continues In Kenosha, WI

Kyle Rittenhouse during his murder trial at the Kenosha County Courthouse on November 10, 2021, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. | Source: Pool / Getty

At this point, it really seems like the Turning Point USA chapters on college campuses keep booking their favorite murder mascot, Kyle Rittenhouse, to speak at school events just to troll both the student body and Rittenhouse himself by subjecting him to the roaring crowds that do not want him there.

On Tuesday, Rittenhouse was invited by Turning Point to speak at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, about—hell, I don’t know—whatever it is people speak about when their only claim to fame is getting away with being the only person to shoot and kill two people and injure a third during civil unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in 2020. Predictably, hundreds of students gathered to protest the event, including the one survivor of Rittenhouse’s deadly rampage, Gaige Grosskreutz.

During the protest—which was organized by the Ohio Student Association, Spanish and Latin Student Association, Students for Justice in Palestine, Black United Students and Ignite—students taunted Rittenhouse and chanted, “Murderer, Murderer” as the vehicle he was traveling in passed by the crowd.

The organizers of the protest wrote the following in a press release ahead of the event:

Kyle Rittenhouse’s presence as a guest speaker not only disrespects the legacy of bloodshed endured by protesters on Kent State’s campus but also embodies a deeply disturbing ideology of white supremacism, which students across Ohio find intolerable and a threat to our safety. The events of May 4th, when the National Guard callously took the lives of four student protesters and left nine others wounded, continue to cast a long shadow over the collective consciousness of Kent State’s student body. It is deeply unsettling for Kent students to witness Rittenhouse, whose notoriety stems from his fatal shooting of two Black Lives Matter protesters and injuring another, including Gaige Grosskreutz, being given a platform to speak. Such a decision not only undermines the values of inclusivity and respect but also dishonors the enduring legacy of Kent’s campus.

Again, what the hell kind of value does Rittenhouse even bring as a speaker? His list of accomplishments begins and ends with being exonerated (with the help of a judge who clearly wanted to adopt him, if we’re being honest) after shooting and killing people. Rittenhouse is not an especially educated person (his own former spokesperson even described him as “uneducated, arrogant and antagonistic,” it’s hard to imagine any worthy advice he can offer to college students, and he’s far from what any person would consider an ideal motivational speaker unless one is a motivated MAGA moron whose love for guns is only superseded by their love for dead BLM protesters.

Anyway, Rittenhouse’s latest bout against a college un-welcoming committee comes just under a month after he generally received the same reception when Turning Point’s chapter at the University of Memphis booked him to speak at the predominately Black college. Just like at Kent, hundreds of students at the university gathered in protest ahead of the event. Video footage taken from that event showed the 21-year-old being ushered off stage after he appeared to be caught off guard by questions from students about Turning Point’s demonstrably racist founder, Charlie Kirk, the guy who, among other anti-Black and bigoted offenses, he called Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson an affirmative action hire, expressed his racist and irrational fear of Black pilots, and suggested that Black people prefer “gang banging” to supporting Donald Trump, which he did after suggesting that Trump’s mugshot would gain the ex-president street cred with Black people.

Even if one truly believes Rittenhouse should have been acquitted for what he did in Kenosha, it makes no sense to celebrate him like this, especially when so many people make it clear they don’t want to hear from this thug that Turning Point and other conservative groups are trying so hard to make into their own Caucasian Bizarro World version of MLK. It’s pathetic, and it exposes the true valuesor lack thereof—espoused by those who profess to want to make America great again.


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