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It took years of DMX’s frequent trips to the jailhouse and kids out of wedlock before his wife Tashera decided she had had enough. She is currently in the process of banking on her troubled relationship with the troubled hip hop star in an upcoming tell all book titled “Strength of a Woman”. Vibe Magazine caught up with TaShera and she opened up about the criticism she received throughout their marriage as well as some of the financial issues he’s left her with while he’s living “rent free” in jail. Here are some excerpts:

On criticism over choosing to stay with DMX

“In the beginning it used to bother me but then I would look at other people’s relationships and realized that the same people’s criticizing me are in even worse situations. I started realizing that I have to start living for me. I’m the only person that has to deal with this so I stopped letting it bother me. I just realized I have to do what I have to do for me and no one can understand because they’re not in the same situation so I just brush it off.”

On finding out about X’s cheating

“He had four other children out of our marriage and I didn’t know. I only found out about one, and it was the one in Maryland that was public. It was all over the news and I still was gonna try to make it work [but] after we did the show Soul of a Man, I guess the women felt some kind of way because he was doing a lot of paying child support behind my back and giving them money without me knowing anything. So once I came out in interviews saying this is my only daughter and this is my family I guess they started feeling some kind of way and they started sending lawyers and all these child support suits to my house and that wasn’t acceptable. I just felt like with the drugs, that in itself is mentally draining. I felt like since we’ve been together for so long I didn’t want to give up on him.”

On dating an industry dude

“This industry⎯it takes a specific kind of woman to even be with someone on his level. I’m starting to see that. After we separated, I stepped out of the box and I’m just like, how in the hell… It takes a lot of strength and security.”

On dealing with lawsuits and filing for bankruptcy

“X is being sued by several companies and I’m dealing with that because they were trying to take our house. They couldn’t get anything out of X so they put a lean on my house so we had to file for bankruptcy. In my reality show it shows me fighting for my house and filing for bankruptcy to keep my house because that’s the only thing that would stop it. I’m dealing with reality and it’s crazy. X is over in la la land. He’s in jail chilling, eating, rent free.”

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